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The gut hosts 70% of our immune system. The gut bacteria and their cross-talk with our immune system are crucial in the development of our many ailments.

With over 20 years of research into human-microbe interactions, our team at veMico is pledging our unique expertise and knowledge to turn microbes into allies that extend healthy living. Unlike other microbiome companies, veMico is dedicated to shifting the focus from the microbiota composition per se, to the way our immune system ‘senses’ our existing microbiota and their metabolites. 

Our approach targets the specific local immune receptors that monitor the microbiota and define systemic immune system function. We provide orally delivered and clinically validated solutions to address the impact of gut health on modern lifestyle conditions and immune system mediated diseases.

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Our Approach

We have spent most of our lives in pursuit of wellness. Starting in 1999 at the University of Reading in the UK, we have been researching, questioning and thinking about gut microbiota and health for more than 20 years.

We have collaborated all over the world exploring everything: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Postbiotics.


What we have discovered is that the secret to good health is hiding in plain sight. Just three basic elements can make or break health:

  • The Gut Microbiota

  • The Mucosal Immune System

  • Their communication through Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs)


Commit to balancing them, and the immune system will not only maintain health, but in many cases treat disease as well.

The Y Collection

Current 5-year plan is the development of a range of microbiome-derived nutraceuticals (The Y Collection) that extend healthy living by slowing down the ageing process. These are food-grade, natural, anti-inflammatory, orally delivered and clinically validated products. 

Pipetting Samples

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