The gut hosts 70% of our immune system. The gut bacteria and their cross-talk with our immune system are crucial in the development of our many ailments.

veMico has created a novel way of exploiting the microbes and their cross-talk with our immune system using synthetic biology and Artificial Intelligence to create chemistry-based solutions for Oncology, Metabolic diseases, Brain disorders, Inflammatory diseases, Skin, Ageing and Immune Wellness.


Engineering Healthspan

inflammation is the starting point for every disease


Worldwide, every family will have a member with at least one inflammatory condition by 2025. We live longer than ever before but chronic inflammatory diseases have become the greatest threat to our health.

Gut microbiota derived signalling molecules


We have spent most of our lives researching the Gut Microbiome – Immune System crosstalk and are uniquely positioned to address the chronic inflammation crisis with our AI and Synthetic Biology integrated therapeutics platform.

exyending healthy living


We strive to create a world for the millions of people who experience inflammatory conditions by  providing tailored Gut Microbiota derived signaling molecules that regulate inflammatory processes in the body, so that increased Lifespan is complemented by increased Health span.

The veMico Team

Making good health accessible is really important to us. And any little way that we can do that, from improving skin appearance to treating cancer, just helps make it feel like good health is within reach for everyone.
Our ultimate aim is to make people feel comfortable and taken care of, so that they can enjoy the moment. 
Harnessing the impact of the gut microbiota on our immune system function and health just happens to be the easiest way we, at veMico, can do that.

Jelena Vulevic

Dr. Jelena Vulevic

CEO & Co-Founder

After receiving her PhD in Human Gut Microbiology, Jelena went on to collaborate with some of the World's leading research centres and was involved in over 50 clinical studies within the field of microbiota in gut, immune and brain health. To learn more about Jelena's professional background please click here.

Although Jelena's clear success in the field of microbiota, her life in England started with her resilience and a few letters to the U.K's top universities. Click here to read all her biography.

George Tzortzis

Dr. George Tzortzis

CTO & Co-Founder

Former Chief Scientific & Innovation Officer or Clasado Biosciences. George has handled all complexities pertaining to discovery, pre-clinical and clinical studies, and international regulatory compliances of gut microbiota focused therapeutics. He is an inventor of 9 patent families in the area of gut microbiota/microbiome and health. Click here to learn more about George's professional background.

Brian Frederiksen

Brian Frederiksen

Business Development

Former Chief Strategy & Operating
Officer of MERCK’s Healthcare and Global Head of Business Development at IBM WATSON. Fortune 500 Executive and Senior Advisor to several European governments.

Doug Miller

Douglas Miller, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Cardiologist and clinician-scientist, former dean of Medical Schools at New York Medical College, University of Alberta and Medical College of Georgia.

Strategic Partnerships to Advance our Molecular Therapeutics

We see significant potential for our molecular therapeutics’ platform, and we work with partners to extend its utility and reach, both in lifestyle disease prevention and in human therapeutics.

microbiota production.jpg

Our Approach

We have spent most of our lives in pursuit of wellness. Starting in 1999 at the University of Reading in the UK, we have been researching, questioning and thinking about gut microbiota and health for more than 20 years.

We have collaborated all over the world exploring everything: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Postbiotics.


What we have discovered is that the secret to good health is hiding in plain sight. Just three basic elements can make or break health:

  • The Gut Microbiota

  • The Mucosal Immune System

  • Their communication through Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs)


Commit to balancing them, and the immune system will not only maintain health, but in many cases treat disease as well.


Our Innovative Solution

At veMico, we integrate sequencing & informatics technologies with synthetic biology to identify and advance promising molecules encoded in gut microbial DNA. Our developing platform allows us to identify, characterise, prioritise and redesign these molecules in silico, providing practical access to numerous new potential drugs, without the need to modify the microbiota composition.

Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help people live healthy. In order to empower our collaborators and partners to do better, veMico is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about our adventures. 

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