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State of the World today:
We live longer but age faster than ever before! 

Modern lifestyle (e.g. inappropriate diet, lack of physical activity, increased level of stress) accelerates ageing and this process is underpinned by the chronic inflammation. Most current solutions that address this problem are demanding and difficult to maintain since they require a significant lifestyle changes. Since the gut microbiome plays a key role in both our response to inflammatory stimuli and in its regulation, at veMico we develop solutions on by exploiting the microbiome and bypassing the need to modify it. 

Our nutraceutical range (The Y Collection) delivers what our microbiota would produce if we were young and at optimum health, to ensure and help healthier future.

Y SKIN - healthy skin from within.
On the market (UK)

Our skin is the mirror of our health. The skin and gut are connected in purpose and function via a relationship referred to as gut-skin axis. They are both complex immune and neuroendocrine organs that are essential to our body’s maintenance of balance, health and well-being. 

Numerous studies link the gastrointestinal (GI) health to skin balance. For example, rosacea, psoriasis, and acne are all linked to GI inflammation. Thus, it is possible to look after the skin from the inside out via prevention of GI inflammation, and hormonal balance.

Y SKIN has been launched online onto the nutricosmetic market based on positive top-line results from our first clinical study in females over 50y.

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