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Meet the team

veMico was founded by Jelena Vulevic, a microbiologist and George Tzortzis, a biotechnologist, who have together been developing therapies based on the human gut microbiome for the last 20 years.

Dr. Jelena Vulevic

CEO and Co-founder


After receiving her PhD in Human Gut Microbiology, Jelena went on to collaborate with some of the World's leading research centres and was involved in over 50 clinical studies within the field of microbiota in gut, immune and brain health. To learn more about Jelena's professional background please click here.

Although Jelena's clear success in the field of microbiota, her life in England started with her resilience and a few letters to the U.K's top universities. Click here to read all her biography.

Dr. George Tzortzis

CTO and Co-founder

George gained a PhD in Microbiology and Glyco-biotechnology and has acquired a 17-year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the biotechnology industry. He has also handled all complexities pertaining to discovery, pre-clinical and clinical studies, and international regulatory compliances. Equally, he is an inventor of 9 patent families in the area of gut microbiota/microbiome and health. Click here to learn more about George's professional background.